her soul embodies grace

An Introduction

"My victory is a victory for my people!"

Welcome dear visitor to Defining Royalty, a fan site dedicated to Princess Natalia Luzu Kimlasca Lanvaldear from Tales of the Abyss. While the series does have an anime adaptation, all informational content here will be based off of the original PlayStation 2 game. Have any questions or concerns? Feel free to shoot me E-MAIL and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Natalia seems to be a tough character for people to like (or at least among those that I know). I will admit that I, too, was guilty of not appreciating her character during my first play through of the game. She is the last one to truly grow and take a major step forward, but she has a wonderful and dedicated heart that I admire throughout the entire game. Natalia has become my favorite character in Tales of the Abyss after many years of playing the game and I hope to share information, defense and my opinions of her character with you here. Lastly, Defining Royalty includes both the TFL & AFL approved fanlistings for Natalia. Please join her list of fans if you enjoy her character in any fashion. Happy browsing!


Version two of Defining Royalty features a screenshot from the Tales of the Abyss anime. All other aspects of the layout were made by me (unless default to) in Adobe Photoshop CS, with the exception of fonts downloaded from Dafont. If you wish to get started, please use the links PRINCESS (character-based information), FIGHTER (game/battle-based information), MEDIA (images & graphics), FANS (fanlisting), SITE (linkage & contact), and X (right here) below Natalia.

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