her soul embodies grace


Looking at a character's quotes can be a good way to gain insight of their personality. Therefore, I have provided a few of my favorite quotes, as well as some that I think are a good example of Natalia's character.

"What are the three of you muttering about? f you have something to say, say it out loud! Is that not the gentleman's way?"

"If that's your decision, I have no intention of interfering with it. Nor am I the type of person to spread other peoples' secrets around."

"W-what are you talking about?! Nobody's returning to the castle yet! Come on, Luke!"

"He would have to be clean, though. I don't particularly care for pale skin, either."

"What are you talking about? Being a healer or emissary does not matter in the least! Everyone can help!"

"It is the duty of a country's ruler to protect her citizens. We will not abandon them!"

"...Yes...perhaps you're right. As you say, Luke may be in need of someone to support him right now. But what of Asch, then? Who is to support him, after seven years of loss? Isn't that our job as well?"

"I had no idea there was a replica facility here. How can I be a just princess when I know so little about my own country...?"

"Luke! The Tartarus is a Malkuth craft, you know. Kimlasca-Lanvaldear's cruise ship, the Princess Natalia, is much more enjoyable."

"...Even the soldiers are taking care of their appearance, and look at me... I'm a failure at high society."

"I do not have time to be worrying about the circumstances of my birth. I will do what I must."

"It is the responsibility of the rulers of Kimlasca and Malkuth to look after their people. That is the purpose of royalty, of government."

"The arrow of Natalia Luzu Kimlasca-Lanvaldear shall strike him down--for the world."

"We will not let Van have his way. We are not simply entering Eldrant alone. We carry the future of the people of Kimlasca, Malkuth, and Daath with us."

"It is a throne made of sacrifices of my people. That is why I must protect them. That is what I promised Asch."

"Prepare yourself! I have the strength of my father. Badaq and I will protect the people of Kimlasca!"

"Oh my! Is it over already?"
"My victory is for my people!"
"Oh how pitiful!"
"Our victory was assured!"
"That is the power of Lanvalderian artes!"

And just because I like SPELL INCANTATIONS, I've included Natalia's spells as well.

"O' soothing light! Heal!"
"O' regenerative power, abide here! Healing Force!"
"O' divine embrace that fosters life! Cure!"
"O' everlasting fire of life, dwell here! Revive!"
"O' divine messenger, grant us thy blessing! Angel's Breath!"
"O' gentle breeze, ease our pain! Healing Wind!"
"Cleanse the defiled! Recover!"
"The power to expel the unclean! Purify!"
"O' great land, swath us in your protection! Restore!"
"Enhance this blade's might! Sharpness!"
"Grant this soul undying flame! Blaze Emitter!"
"Now oppose fonic artes! Resist!"
"Now defy fonic artes! Anti-Magic!"
"Unyielding aegis! Barrier!"
"O' vapors, become our shield! Aqua Protection!"
"O' holy lightning! Voltaic Line!"
"O' judgment of holy fire! Blast Edge!"
"Ruining misery! Calamitous Bane!"
"O' shining azure! Blue Embrace!"
"Glory for an unflinching soul! Phalanx!"
"Perish! Astral Laser!"
"Sunder the land! Quake Stroke!"
"Do not think you can escape me! Pour forth O' starlight! Astral Rain!"
"O' fragments of the fon verse, heed my call and become power incarnate! I will finish you! Noble Roar!"

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