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Side Quests

Tales of the Abyss has various events that do not take place in the mainstream game play. Some of, if not most, are easy to miss if you don't get the timing right. I know I was upset when I missed a few of Natalia's artes because my timing was off! So, below is a collection of side quests relating to Natalia that you can choose to do if you're so inclined.

Costume Titles


ABYSS GREEN: (SECOND PLAY THROUGH ONLY) After the Absorption Gate, but before defeating Sync in Eldrant, go to Grand Chokmah. Talk to the maid in Emperor Peony's room and she will give all of the characters, including Asch, their Abyssman outfits. Natalia will be given the "Abyss Green" title.

ADVENTUROUS PRINCESS: After the Abandoned Factory and finding search points 1-6 on the world map, you will have to make five items in Din's shop (in Chesedonia). Once you do so, he will give Natalia her "Curious Princess" title upon entering. After that, you must find all 29 search points and have cleared Mt. Zaleho twice. Put the title on Natalia and return to Din's shop. He will then give her the "Adventurous Princess" title.

BELOVED PRINCESS: This title requires a bit of effort. In order to activate the event, you must complete "The Ant Lion Man," "Yulia City Distribution," "Seed Gathering," and the "Bridge Construction" side quests after Feres Island (visit GameFAQs for those). Once you do that, talk to Astor in Chesedonia and then head to Baticul. Stop in front of the inn and Natalia will receive her "Beloved Princess" title.

IMPERIAL WILL: After simply entering Eldrant, return to Grand Chokmah and speak with Emperor Peony. He will give the party "final battle" costumes. Natalia will be rewarded her "Imperial Will" title.

STAR OF MALKUTH: Once you are on Namcot Island, look for a room that has a boy in a cow costume. You will be asked to find two other boys. Head to room underneath the meeting room in Yulia City to find one, but he runs away. Go to Baticul's port to find the other, but he will not return without his brother. After that, go to Engeve, where you find out one has been kidnapped. Lastly, go to the Cheagle Woods in order to save him. Return to Baticul to talk to the other brother and you will automatically be transported back to Namcot Island. Natalia will then be given her "Star of Malkuth" title for the trouble.

TROPICAL BUTTERFLY: After the Absorption Gate, return to Grand Chokmah's palace and activate Peony's Rappig hunt. Once you find all of his missing Rappigs, he will give the party a pass to the spa in Keterberg. Inside Keterberg's inn, talk to the woman to the side of the inn service and she will allow the party into the spa. After watching the event, the characters will get titles for their bathing suits used in the spa. Natalia will thusly get her "Tropical Butterfly."

Regular Titles

CALAMITY CHEF: After bringing Florian to Daath, mastering all 20 of the recipes in the game with Natalia and completing the oden recipe event, go to the second floor of Keterberg's hotel. Make Natalia the on-screen character and talk to the man standing next to the elevator. He will give Natalia her "Calamity Chef" title.

COLISEUM PRINCESS: Using Natalia, defeat the singles (advance) challenge in the Baticul Coliseum after Natalia is re-accepted by her father. She will be rewarded her Celestial Star bow, as well as the title "Coliseum Princess."

CURIOUS PRINCESS: See "Adventurous Princess" in the section above.

LABYRINTH PRINCESS: After entering Keterberg for the first time, go to the mansion on the right side of town. The party will suggest someone else to him, and he'll leave. Leave yourself, and re-enter the town to talk to him again. Pay him 200,000 gald, leave and re-enter. Talk to the girl standing outside the door to start the labyrinth mini-game. If you beat floor 5 as Natalia, she will be given her "Labyrinth Princess" title as a reward.


Natalia learns two of her artes through a side quest that is VERY easy to miss. After Akzeriuth falls and you return to the surface as Asch, head to Port Sheridan. (You MUST complete this part of the side quest before you head to Ortion Cavern). An event with a man named Nick will occur and she will learn "Gallant Barrage."

After going through Mt. Zaleho a second time, go to Daath's port where you will find Nick once more. After talking with Natalia and Jade, he will teach Natalia "Healing Force."

Background Story

Majority of Natalia's history/story happens in the main events of the game. But there are a few things you can do to further character development if you are interested.

→ After King Ingobert re-accepts Natalia as his daughter (but before fighting Sync in Eldrant), head towards Baticul's main square. From there, take the stairs to the right which should bring you on top of the dojo. A scene will occur relating to what Natalia can do as the princess of Kimlasca.

→ Once you find Natalia in Baticul's port (where a scene with Largo occurs), there are three different events for you to see. Return to the castle and speak with King Ingobert. Once you are done, head to Astor's mansion in Chesedonia. Later on after you defeat Largo in the Absorption Gate, go outside of it. Natalia will ask the others to wait there for her so she can go give her prayers to Largo.

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