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When I first started playing Tales of the Abyss, I religiously used Tear. Then I started to branch out and use Luke and Anise a little bit. It wasn't until recently that I started using Natalia. And honestly, I found her a little more difficult to use than the others. She has arrows, so there is always a chance that she is going to miss. She also can only fire in a certain range. Therefore, I felt the need to compile a small list of tips that I use while playing as Natalia for anyone who actually cares enough to read a non-hardcore gamer's point of view.

First, I will include some general points:

- Learn the distance between Natalia and the enemy needed for any attack you'd like to use. If she is too close, she will take damage without being able to return fire. If she is too far away, her arrows will not reach or maybe will have a lower success rate of hitting.

- I tend to put attacks on buttons that remind me of them. What do I mean? Well, let's take Natalia's "Aerial Laser" attack. I know that the attack knocks the enemy in the air and then fires an arrow upwards. So, if I were using that attack, I would put it on the ↑ button. Or put "Star Stroke" on the ↓ button because I know she jumps up and aims arrows toward the ground. At least for me, it makes it easier to battle without actually thinking much. If I want to attack something above me, I just hit ↑. You probably get the point.

- I know that shortcuts are technically supposed to be used to tell other characters what to do, but particularly for characters that have some healing, I tend to put their healing attacks there. This way I can still enjoy a variety of Natalia's physical attacks while also having access to healing attacks if necessary in battle without using the menu. If you don't plan on using Natalia as a healer however, then this is pretty much pointless and you would most likely rather have shortcuts to Tear's healing moves or something along those lines.

- In Tales of games that involve TP consumption for artes, I have found that it is a good idea to keep one or two that have low consumption. Therefore, having some basic attacks such as "Piercing Line" and "Storm Edge" in your arsenal may not be a bad idea. Unless, of course, you just want to rely on Orange/Melange Gels and go arte crazy!

- Know your FOF circles! Natalia has some pretty awesome FOF changes if you can act quickly and know what FOF changes each attack that you have in your move set. It will be very beneficial to you, especially for any healing moves that become powered up as a result.

Lastly, I will just provide the move set I generally use for Natalia while I play. My party usually consists of me as Natalia, Luke, Tear and either Anise/Jade depending on who I'm feeling at the moment.

Ο - Storm Edge
↔ - Gallant Barrage
↑ - Aerial Laser
↓ - Star Stroke

↑ - Heal
↓ - Cure
→ - Scare Shot
← - Cavalry

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