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Here is a list of all obtainable bows for Natalia and their effects. I'm only providing a vague list as a quick reference (mainly because I don't even remember where I got half of these). The bows are listed in alphabetical order.

Ancient Bow (P.ATK 612)

A bow made from a special metal. Lighter and easier to use than a normal bow.

Angel Arrow (P.ATK 20)

Feel the wrath of the heavens.

Battle Bow (P.ATK 530)

A bow for warfare. Designed for ease of use.

Bow (P.ATK 120)

An orthodox bow. Light and easy to use.

Castor's Bow (P.ATK 626)

A strong bow made of very flexible wood reinforced with metal.

Celestial Star (P.ATK 720)

Life is like the shining of a star. A prize for the Coliseum's Advanced Single Battle.

Clay Arrow (P.ATK 550)

A bow made harder and heavier for more power when shooting.

Composite Bow (P.ATK 225)

A bow with enhanced flexibility.

Custom Bow (P.ATK 150)

A strengthened bow.

Elven Bow (P.ATK 700)

A sacred bow from a legendary race. Always flies true to its target.

Ether Slash (P.ATK 250)

A bow made of processed steel. Very durable.

Fonic Arrow (P.ATK 700)

One of the relics of the Six Kingdoms during the era of the Fonic War.

Full Metal Fang (P.ATK 600)

A bow forged by tempering steel over and over again.

Great Bow (P.ATK 212)

A larger-than-normal bow.

Hamayumi (P.ATK 450)

A bow said to have been commonly used on the Isle of Hod. A symbol of good health.

Holy Quelquatl (P.ATK 0 + Natalia's kills after defeating Nebilim)

A shining bow with the power of the Sixth Fonon. Said to be a catalyst for fonic artes.

Hunting Bow (P.ATK 505)

A bow used for hunting. Requires an experienced archer.

Killer Bow (P.ATK 360)

A bow said to strike an enemy's vital organs.

Merciless Bow (P.ATK 670)

A bow with cruel destructive power. Said to penetrate any armor.

Rapid Bow (P.ATK 280)

A bow made for rapid fire.

Shincarrow (P.ATK 305)

A bow with a thick riser and upper limb for stronger shots.

Self Bow (P.ATK 270)

A bow made with a single kind of wood.

Slash Arrow (P.ATK 198)

A bow said to fire powerful shots.

Soul Steal (P.ATK 360)

A bow said to slowly eat into its target.

Steel Bow (P.ATK 160)

A bow that pushes the limits of lightweight material and powerful design.

Strike Eagle (P.ATK 560)

A bow that reminds one of a flying eagle. An extremely powerful weapon.

Yutis (P.ATK 600)

A bow said to be wielded by a legendary spirit of wind.

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