her soul embodies grace


Natalia never had a mother role in her life. As a result, her father became an incredibly important figure for her. After finding out that King Ingobert was not actually her father, Natalia has two difficult struggles that she must come to terms with in order to keep moving forward.

First, was the issue of her love for King Ingobert as her father. The seventeen years of memories that they shared could not be replaced by anything to Natalia. Because he rejected her as his daughter despite those years spend together, she was hurt even more than she would have if he had simply told her that she was not actually the princess. Natalia certainly struggles with the issues of her identity as a result of the truth. Her main pain, however, is caused by her fear of being rejected by her father forever. He was all the immediate family that she had. Any child that loved their parent would definitely be distraught over rejection, especially if they only had the one. Even though it seems like King Ingobert does not care for Natalia enough to overcome the truth, I believe he simply made a hasty decision because of the pressure put on him by Mohs. Once he comes to his senses, he realizes that he, too, cannot forget the time that they shared together. Ignoring the social pressures that he caved to before, he finally accepts Natalia as his daughter.

"Father... It hurt not to be the princess. But what hurt so much more...was not being your daughter."

The two of them would never be the same after knowing the truth, but it didn't matter to Natalia. He accepted her even though she was not actually his daughter. Not only did that put part of her identity crisis to rest, it stopped the walls from closing in on her from loneliness. He accepted her feelings and reciprocated them. From that moment onward she became determined to make sure that she would enjoy the rest of her father's life together with him. It became part of her resolve to keep living while moving forward as herself. King Ingobert does not let the truth to get in the way of their relationship again, either. Once he is aware that Largo is Natalia's true father, he is hesitant to let her know. She would have to fight Largo at some point, and he didn't want Natalia to be hurt once again. He made her pain worse initially and was determined not to make that mistake again.

Knowing he could not keep it from her forever, he eventually decides to let Natalia know the truth. Which brings us to her second "father crisis." After all the blows she has suffered so far, Largo being her father certainly was not any easier. Not only is the man that she loves as her father not her true father, but the man who is...is her enemy. How could that be possible? How could someone who she shared blood with possibly be in the New Order of Lorelei? Not able to let the issue rest, Natalia runs from the castle to catch Largo at the port. It is obvious that she is once again angry and emotional when the party finds her with her arrow pointed at Largo demanding answers. Despite telling her his story, it is obvious that he does not accept her. She has been rejected once more. The past is gone for him, and so is his daughter. He never once has called Natalia by her name any time that they have met previous to that point. I believe Largo only calls her "Princess" because somewhere inside of him, she still resonates as his daughter Meryl. Therefore he cannot bring himself to call her by the name that stole his family away from him, "Natalia."

Despite being dead to Largo, Natalia still struggles with the idea of fighting him. Not out of love or compassion, but probably because now that she knows the truth, she doesn't see why they can't try to start over. Though she hesitates initially, she eventually comes to the conclusion that because they are related, she is the one who needs to fight him. They cannot change the past. Just because she wishes they could learn more about each other and get along, does not mean that "mercy has [a] place for two people, as enemies" (Largo). Ultimately, Natalia shoots an arrow into Largo's back in order to save Luke. Her face is now once again determined as she has returned to her resolve. Seemingly relieved, Largo finally says, "Good shot... Meryl... How you've grown..." Meryl was not dead to him after all. I believe that his final words put closure to any struggles that remained about who she was, especially to him. Even after many difficult years apart and fights against each other, she was still his daughter to him. That was all Natalia could possibly ask for considering the circumstances.

Initially, Natalia may have wanted Largo to let go of his support for Van and they could start over. Through many trials and tribulations, however, Natalia is not so much of an idealist as she once was. She now understands that the world does not work that way just because it would be nice. While Largo is her true father, he is lacking the most important part of being a father. Just like you cannot simply be born a princess, you cannot be a father without a bond shared from a very young age of the child's life. King Ingobert is, and will forever be Natalia's father in her heart. She has been able to grow as a result of both of her fathers. She can't hold onto the past, nor change it. And that is okay because she has come to terms with the powerlessness of being human. Her family situation may not have ended up how it should have been, but life goes on. Natalia will be able to take any of life's hardships and step forward without worrying about the past; something she definitely would not have been able to do before her journey.

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