her soul embodies grace

Point of Initial Growth

Just as it seems like Natalia will never be able to stop sinking into her despair, a conversation with Asch gives her what she needs to find the answers to who she is and a new motivation to continue forward. He tells her that he did not make that promise from when they were kids because she was the princess because birth does not make a difference in what a person can or can not do. Natalia then realizes that all the improvements she made to Baticul, all the times she has helped people and her hopes and dreams for the country did not come from being the princess. They came from her own will. It didn't matter if she was royal blood or not because she was the one who did those things. Finally, the words of her people resonate with her. They loved her, not the princess. She had nothing to be afraid of. Even though it did hurt not to be the princess, that did not mean she had to stop doing what she could to help others. Natalia makes up her mind to "do what [she] can as princess of--no, as a citizen of Kimlasca."

People do not change quickly, of course, but Natalia's new resolve is proof that she has made up her mind. She does not have time to be worrying about the circumstances of her birth because there are things that need to be done. There are people who need her. She was not worthless just because she wasn't the true princess of Kimlasca. Natalia's big step forward comes to surface when she finds herself face to face with her father once more. Despite Luke's attempts to make the King come to his senses about how Natalia is his daughter simply because of the memories they've shared together, Natalia ends up silencing him. Even though it hurts, and even though she wants more than anything for him to accept her, that is not why they are there. She is done with putting her selfishness above the needs of others because that is not who she is. Natalia now knows that her persona embodies helping other people. And at that moment, the war with Malkuth needed to be stopped immediately in order to prevent thousands of pointless deaths.

Jade: No one is born a princess. Only through diligence does one achieve the grace and dignity required of that title.
Natalia: ...I know not whether I possess the grace of which Jade speaks. But you raised me for seventeen years. It is with great pride in that time that I say this now. Make peace and lower the land. I ask this out of love for this country. And for you, Father.
Natalia has truly matured and grown into a stronger person. She will no longer be deluded by petty matters or lose sight of what is very important. After being re-accepted by her father, Natalia begins to flourish. She becomes a very active ambassador traveling the world once the party splits up for a month. Once reunited, it is obvious that she has become confident and sure of herself again. She is ready to confront difficult decisions and take part in making the world a better place.

Her trials are not over, however, as she still has the issues of Asch and Luke to work out, as well as dealing with her true father. Despite minor set backs, Natalia never returns to the state she was in before her new resolve. Thusly, I believe this is the point of Natalia's true growth.

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