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Merchandise: Figures

1/8 Scale PVC

COMPANY: Kotobukiya
RELEASE: January 2007
PRICE: ~4,200
Natalia is lucky enough to be one of the few Tales of characters to have a 1/8 scale PVC. Unfortunately, it is not an easy find anymore because it was released back in '07. Your best bet to get her would be using Yahoo Auctions, or something like Ebay if you can find a seller that seems trustworthy. I've seen her going from anywhere between $75-$250, so you may have to check frequently in order to get one at a decent price.

One Coin Trading Figures

COMPANY: Kotobukiya
RELEASE: February 2007 (September 2008 re-release)
PRICE: ~7,200
The Tales of the Abyss trading figures include Luke, Tear, Guy, Jade, Anise, Natalia and Ion. All of the characters with the exception of Ion have variant figures in which they are holding their Nebilim weapons instead of their defaults. The figures are packaged in boxes of twelve, and therefore you will most likely get the entire party (version A) and then the rest will be random characters version B. These, too, unfortunately are becoming hard to come by. Even with the anime renewal package, they are sold out on most sites. Anime Sekai has them for sale individually, but you could always use any type of auction site if you feel comfortable doing that. Sites like Hobby Search PVC and Hobby Link Japan sometimes restock things, so you could keep your eye out at those places as well.

Merchandise: Goods

There are a lot of miscellaneous Tales of the Abyss goods that I have come across on the official anime site that I simply have never seen elsewhere. Because I'm not sure if the other things are exclusive, nor do I have decent pictures of those items, I will not be including them here unless I end up finding more information.

Clip Key Chain

Natalia has a very tiny metalic key chain that features her chibi image. The chain has a small green crystal. Though I've actually purchased this key chain, I'm not 100% sure what company produced it. I believe it was just made by NAMCO. (Unfortunately I threw out the packaging...) I have only ever seen it on Yahoo Auctions and I bought it for about $7.

Trading Poster

DIMENSIONS: 20.5 in x 7.5 in
Tales of the Abyss has a total of 22 different versions of these posters that are meant to be collected. This one is number six and obviously features Natalia. I have yet to actually buy this, though I do plan on it at some point, so I'm not sure what the quality is or anything like that. I have only come across these on Ebay so far, but I haven't looked very hard elsewhere. Chances are bidding sites would be the only places that would have it considering it, like most things, was released back in 2007. I generally see these posters going from anywhere between $10-$25.

Merchandise: CDs

Lastly, here are a collection of CDs in which Natalia is on the cover. Hover over the images to find out the title of the CD in order to search for it. All of these can be purchased on CDJapan for an average price of about $40.


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