her soul embodies grace


Natalia is an interesting character because she has personality traits that are quite opposite from others that she also has. On one hand, she is graceful, elegant and speaks in a polite manner. From her actions and way of speaking you can tell that she is from the upper class. I personally find her enjoyable because while she is a very refined and mature woman, Natalia can also have a quick temper, and even be somewhat boisterous! This haughty part of her personality is showcased heavily when she is first introduced to the party. Unfortunately, her quick temper tends to escalate once provoked. If someone else objects, makes fun of her or makes a snarky remark in return to her behavior, she is even more likely to respond in a fashion that caused the remark to begin with. For example,
Natalia: Silence! I am a master of Lanvaldear-style archery! I'm also a studied healer! I'll certainly be more useful than this empty-headed Oracle Knight, or that uncivil one.
Anise: Anybody else think I should rip daddy's little girl a new hole?
Natalia: How vulgar. You demonstrate your lack of refinement.
I don't believe that Natalia purposely tries to be rude or even what some would even label obnoxious. She's had a rather sheltered life surrounded by people who can not talk back to her or disgrace her at all. Natalia probably was not ready to shed her title as the princess and be treated like every other person with no special rank. She does, however, mellow out fairly quickly after a scolding from Jade stating that they should not have to cater to her needs. Natalia apologizes, realizing that she's made a mistake. If she were truly rude or looking to put herself above other people, she would not have done so. I personally believe that she is just a very confident woman who is sure of herself and trusts her strengths.

Even though Natalia quickly becomes used to not acting like royalty, she still has a short fuse; especially when it comes to remarks about her country or people. Natalia does not hesitate to get in anyone's face if they make any rude comments about Kimlasca. She even grabs Jade by the collar while enraged by the rumor that Kimlascan troops attacked Malkuth.

Natalia: As unconcerned as ever, I see! Perhaps you can explain just what's going on! The Kingdom of Kimlasca-Lanvaldear has taken no military action against the Malkuth Imperial Forces.
Jade: Ah, that's what I thought.
Natalia: "Ah, that's what I thought!" Don't you have anything more to say?! Everyone in Chesedonia stared at me like I was the devil! It was insulting! Don't tell me this was all just some show of Malkuth force?

Natalia is also quite the romantic. On several occasions she has made comments that show that she would probably love watching, talking and fantasizing about chick flick scenarios. Almost immediately the player can tell when she comments how wonderful and romantic it would be if the first thing about his past that Luke remembered was his proposal to her. When the party reaches Keterberg, Jade tells them about Peony and his first love, which immediately sparks Natalia's attention. She also brings up how romantic it would be to walk around Keterberg at night with a special guy when talking with the other girls. Being a romantic kind of fits in with her idealist personality as well. Because she loves her country so much, she wants it to be a place where no one has to suffer or be poor; a place that there no longer has to be war. While world peace is a nice notion that most people would say that they wish for, Natalia has it as a goal in her mind. And while I think she's realistic enough to know it's not easy and it may not even happen in her life time, she definitely does consider it a goal she is working for.

Another part of Natalia that her people truly love and admire is her generosity and concern for everyone. She's willing to do anything possible to help people in need, even if it means risking her own life. After Akzeriuth falls into the Qliphoth, she is ready to jump into the liquid miasma in order to save the small boy that is sinking before her until Tear stops her. She is determined to cross dangerous battlefields by foot in order to stop war that broke out despite others' warnings. Her motivation to continue forward through difficult situations is simply that she wants to save everyone and protect innocent people. Natalia has a strong desire to help people and that part of her personality shines through any other trait that she has. (Want to read more about how she considers helping others a duty of hers? Head on over to the defining royalty page!)

Lastly, while Natalia is an intelligent woman, she can occasionally be pretty gullible. For instance, while Anise and Natalia were discussing Dist, she tells Natalia that his chair is actually attached to him. Not only that, but since he is like a lizard, it can come off and he is able to regrow it! Of course this seems absurd, but much to my amusement, Natalia seems to have no problem believing it. My personal favorite gullible moment is the following about Van:

Natalia: Is his beard special?
Anise: Of course! That's where he gets all his power!
Natalia: My... I had no idea...
Anise: And those eyebrows are amazing, too.
Natalia: What kind of power do they have?
Anise: His eyebrows...um...tell him where his enemies are. And watch out for the hypno-rays they shoot out!
Natalia: Oh, such power! How fitting, for the Commandant of the Oracle Knights.

Ultimately, I assume her gullibility is a result of her somewhat sheltered life before her journey and her father lets her be a more active ambassador and she can see more of the world. While those two lies are obviously ridiculous to the others, they could very well be possible to a girl who spends most of her time in a castle.

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