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Defining Royalty

I decided to have a separate page from the personality section for "defining royalty" not only because it is the name of the site, but because I believe it is the hallmark of Natalia's character. Despite not actually being of royal blood, Natalia is an example of how one is not a princess just from having the status and title.

"It is the duty of a country's ruler to protect her citizens. We will not abandon them!"

Right from the get-go we are able to see just how dedicated to Kimlasca and its people Natalia is. She is willing to go to any length to help the people at Akzeriuth, even if that means sneaking out of the castle through an abandoned factory and using blackmail to come along with the party. At first, Natalia claims that her behavior and wishes are just how royalty is supposed to act, how it is her duty as the princess, etc. She doesn't consciously realize that being of royal descent doesn't make someone a good person. She doesn't help people because she is the princess, she helps people because she sincerely wants to. Once the party reaches Akzeriuth, Natalia immediately runs over to the first person she can see and begins to aid them. Her fellow noble companion, however, does not have quite the same reaction.

Luke: H-hey, Natalia, they're dirty. Get away from them. You might catch something.
Natalia: ...What's dirty? What am I going to catch?! Don't say such stupid things!
Despite the obvious difference in reaction, Natalia shrugs it off as Luke being stubborn. It is not until Natalia learns the truth about her birth does she begin to realize that her desire to aid and better the country does not come from having royal blood. After Natalia and Luke are ordered to be killed, hundreds of citizens allow them to escape by risking their lives to fight the Imperial Knights. Natalia is dumbfounded, but immediately thinks of their safety over her own:
Natalia: It's true! I am not of royal blood! I am an imposter. Do not endanger yourselves for me. Please, run!
Man: We don't give a damn whether you're of royal blood or not.
Woman: You're the one who opened the hospital for us.
Man 2: You're the one who hired us to work on the port after we lost our jobs.
The entire party, Natalia included, is surprised just how much the people of Baticul love her. As Guy wisely says, "the people of Baticul don't love the princess. They love Natalia." As the princess, Natalia could have enjoyed a nice cushy life like Luke did, but instead, she got actively involved. She is in charge of the public works and gives all the profits to people in need. She did things that the people obviously appreciate above like opening the hospital. She goes on the front lines in battle in order to heal the wounded and stands by her father to give input when important decisions need to be made regarding the country. She doesn't understand why rulers would not automatically want to do something in the best interest of their people. Natalia doesn't want anyone in her kingdom to suffer because she truly loves Kimlasca and the people in it. She has loved Kimlasca ever since she was young and even made a promise with Asch to change the country for the better. She risks her life and another painful rejection by King Ingobert in order to convince him to lower the lands and stop the war with Malkuth out of that love. Jade continues her plead:
"No one is born a princess. Only through diligence does one achieve the grace and dignity required of that title."
Though Natalia is not sure if she fits Jade's description, he wouldn't have said so if he didn't think it. I, too, believe that Natalia is a true princess for all of the reasons stated already. Natalia believed that protecting the people and doing whatever she possibly could to better the country was because those traits defined royalty. She was wrong. Because Natalia has those desires and acts on them, she is the one that truly defines royalty.

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